Consulting, Training & Coaching Services for Nonprofit Success

Areas of Practice


Program Development

Our team has extensive experience in designing, implementing and evaluating programs for youth and families in the areas of sexual and mental health, positive youth development and maternal and child health. We bring expertise in program design, project management, implementation planning, aligning theory to practice and engaging communities in the process. 



Writing grants helps connect your expertise and services with funding to support your vision. Our team has worked on small foundation grant applications as well as large state and federal applications. We specialize in aligning identified needs to funding priorities.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Aligning Needs to Strategies

Understanding the needs of your community is a first step, but aligning those needs, along with the strengths and assets of a community, to your program strategies is critical. Our team can support a needs assessment design, evaluate needs assessment results and align needs to program and service strategies. We do this through data analysis that translates into training or strategy development.                                                                         

Cultural Adaptation and inclusion 

Our work has served diverse populations around the country. We approach our work with humility and aim to learn more about the strengths and needs of communities before developing strategies. By doing so, we co-create adaptation options and build inclusivity with communities, not for them. Our team can provide training and other consulting services to help build inclusivity into your work.

Collaboration Building

Collaboration is more than partnering to us. Collaboration within and across organizations means that people are engaged in the process, they have investment and that they are sharing accountability for larger program or service goals as well as outcomes. Our team has been a part of some amazing collaboration building within our own communities and we can provide our lessons learned and expertise to supporting your collaborative efforts. 

Community Health Planning 

We've seen the power of aligning a group of organizations to mutually-beneficial community goals. It allows communities to work together toward common benchmarks and services that reinforce and strengthen each other. Strengthening the network of services that support youth and families helps make the most of community resources.